Simply put, we provide our customers with “everything that lights up”. More specifically this means that we implement customized lighting solutions for companies and major customers that exactly meet their needs. Part of this approach is of course that we assume complete control of the implementation of individual lighting solutions. We do not leave any questions unanswered and always provide you with a complete service package.

Our cooperation usually begins with an initial conversation, in the course of which we discuss the project at hand and jointly develop ideas and solutions. If available this is followed by a customer sketch or drawing. We will determine the feasibility of the project in direct dialogue with you and subsequently craft a sample. As soon as we receive your “go ahead”, we will start mass-producing your product. It goes without saying that during this phase regular quality controls will take place as well, in order to ensure that a reasonably priced product of high quality is created.

With almost 20 years of experience, we always achieve a customized and tailor-made product solution. Or to put it more casually: We even make the eyes of our clients light up.

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